Glad to Go

Church outside

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”
Psalm 122:1 (NLT)

“I knew the burden of sin as my life was a mess. I am indebted to my friend who introduced me to Christ.” ~“Joyata”

Part of the mission of ServeNow is to help develop and support the local churches in the countries which we serve. Recently,Church speaking the national director of ServeNow India, Supratim, was asked to preach as a guest speaker at “Joyata’s” church. Supratim’s message inspired and challenged the congregation, and afterwards several people came to talk to him. One of those people was “Joyata” who thanked him and said,

“I want to help save as many as possible. Please pray for me.”

As the two men talked, “Joyata” explained that he walks 12 miles every Sunday to come to this church because there is no church in his village. “Joyata” is exactly the type of person for whom the Basic Series booklets, a resource provided by ServeNow, were developed. These booklets are transforming his passion into purpose and are equiping him to share his faith.

Please Pray:

  • In thanksgiving for the passion of “Joyata” who walks a great distance to go to church, and for those whom he shares the Gospel with to openly receive it.
  • For “Joyata’s” church to flourish and to be a blessing to its community.
  • For the Basic Series booklets to continue discipling and edifying new believers.

Please leave your prayers in the form of a comment below for “Joyata” and his church.

One thought on “Glad to Go

  1. Joyata
    Greeting in the name of the Most High God! Your testimony has inspired me this morning. I pray that the Hand of the Almighty Holy one will continue to lift you up and inspire you! As your story has inspired me today! I don’t think I have ever walked 12 miles to get anywhere and you walk it to Meet Him! That inspired and challenges me!! As well do know you can meet Him right where you are as He is omnipresent and all knowing! May the Almighty God Bless you and keep You in the palm of His hand! You are indeed in His grip as He is in you!


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