Help Those Without Hope

Anita with ServeNow Director Ukraine, Tanya Shpygunova

Anita with ServeNow Director Ukraine, Tanya Shpygunova

For I assisted the poor in their need and the orphans who required help.
I helped those without hope, and they blessed me.
Job 29:12-13a (NLT)

“I lived in constant fear of being raped. My defense was to pretend that I was a guy. I dressed like a boy, walked like a boy, I even used a boy’s name. Most of my friends were either behind bars or involved in prostitution. I asked myself, ‘What is my future?’”        ~Anita

Since the fall of communism 25 years ago, Ukraine has seen a drastic increase in human trafficking, experiencing the second highest rate in Europe. When orphans like Anita age out of the system at 16 years old, there are no other programs in place to assist them and they end up on the streets, susceptible to prostitution and human trafficking.

To combat this problem, ServeNow will open a baking and pastry school this year with an attached operating bakery. The five month training program will give disadvantaged young women like Anita a trade, therefore preventing the need to sell themselves or be vulnerable to traffickers.

Local churches have already agreed to buy the bakery’s bread for communion, therefore providing an economic and spiritual partnership with the bakery and its students.

Anita inspired the ServeNow bakery, and until its opening, she is living with a local church family. She has learned that God loves her and looks forward to the day that she can use her baking skills to support herself. She is proud to be a daughter of the King saying,

“Now that I know God, I thank him that I am not a prostitute or that I ended up in jail.”

Please Pray:

  • For the bakery and its training school to be fully operational by the opening date of September 1.
  • For Anita and the selection process of the first group of bakery students.
  • For God to protect the orphans in Ukraine from the lies and promises of traffickers.

Leave your prayers as a comment below for Anita and the bakery staff as they make arrangements to establish the bakery.

IMG_2975Would you like to help a bakery student? Our knead bread campaign sponsors students at $30 per week. Let us know if you would like a jar to collect change to provide these women with a future and a hope.

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